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The thatch-roof hut at Pigeon Point must be the most photographed spot on the island. Lauded as the Tobago's best beach, Pigeon Point is located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. The powdery sand and calm turquoise sea at this beach are different from most beaches of the island.​

Pigeon Point has shady picnic gazebos, shower blocks, bars and restaurants for all visitors to the island to use. It is a great space to have a bath, relax, lime and even watch the sunset.

Source: The Mini Rough Guide to Tobago


During the month of April, you can experience jazz almost everywhere in Tobago. Some key venues around the island are Castara, Scarborough, Speyside, Signal Hill, and Pigeon Point.

The Tobago Jazz Festival showcases some of the best local, regional and international world music talents in pop, R&B, hip-hop, soca, and soul stars jazz.

You can attend some events which are free.

Tobago Ole time Wedding.jpg


Once you are on the island during the Easter long weekend, one must experience one of Tobago's oldest traditions since 1925...Buccoo Goat and Crab Race Festival.  

The island erupts with a succession of open-air parties and harvest feasts that comes to a climax on Easter Tuesday at the Goat and Crab Festival

Source: The Mini Rough Guide to Tobago


Moriah Ole Time Wedding is a theatrical reenactment of several customs and rituals recognized by Tobagonians. 

The Ole Time Wedding is one of the annual cultural festivals that take place in the village of Moriah on the first Saturday of the Tobago Heritage Festival, which is scheduled for mid-July.


Dasheen and other root crops take centre stage in October, as the villages of Bloody Bay, L’Anse Fourmi, and Parlatuvier on the northeast coast pay homage to the versatility and utility of “blue food”.

What is blue food?

Some varieties of dasheen can turn blue or indigo when cooked, hence the term which now is used to describe all root crops, including sweet potato, cassava, and yam.

During the festival, all of the dasheen plant is used to prepare a range of items such as bread, cookies and sweets, ice-cream, etc. A culinary competition and cultural shows are also highlights of the festival.


Blue food image.jpg
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Tobago Carnival is a liberating festival of cultural expressions…our Rituals. Tobago Carnival is a festival expressing freedom from creative constraints…our Revelry. Tobago Carnival celebrates the emancipation of unbridled energy…our Release. Indeed, Tobago is ready to take on the world and pronounce its interpretation of “the greatest show on earth”.

We will flaunt our differences, as Tobago-centric uniqueness abounds. This is our unique selling proposition! Our peculiar biography predetermines our disposition, rendering us as forward-thinking cultural activists so that it is our mandate to birth a distinctive celebration steeped in our folk tradition, paying homage to our heritage and given modern significance sustainable, relevant festival.

Blessed by its historical, cultural, and above all, geographic characteristics. The Carnival compass, so to speak, is set with its hypnotic allure, comprising grounded folk traditions, infused with contemporary concoctions.

We are perfectly poised to set in motion a historic variation of the Carnival ethos. The Carnival is situated just one month after the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, a period which is conducive to fostering an international travel influx from those desirous of newfangled travel experience. It is our duty to align with the signals, identify with the indicators, follow the socio-cultural lead and acknowledge the ordained markings on the wall. We aim to etch an ineffaceable notch on the totem pole of Carnival declarations.


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